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MIT’s New Intelligent Material Writhes and Curls to Changes in Heat

Researchers at MIT’s Self-Assembly Lab have recently developed an adaptable material that reacts in response to changes in heat. Known as Heat-Active Auxetics, the material functions in a similar manner to the pores on human skin, tightening and loosening based on exposure to various temperatures. Contrary to most common materials, which tend to thin out while being pulled or stretched, thi....

Construction Techniques: 7 Innovative Ways to Build With Bamboo

Bamboo has long been used in architecture, but in more recent years, it has been increasingly used to supplement other materials. Bamboo may be used during construction, or as an ornamental element on a building’s façade. Few works of contemporary architecture use bamboo as a primary building material, and architects instead perpetuate the same established uses for the plant. Yet its percei....

How to inflate a huge hardened concrete shell

Concrete shells are efficient structures, but not very resource efficient. The formwork for the construction of concrete domes alone requires a high amount of labor and material. A very resource efficient alternative construction method called "Pneumatic Forming of Hardened Concrete (PFHC)" was invented at TU Wien by Dr. Benjamin Kromoser and Prof. Johann Kollegger at the Institute of Structural....