Application Main Features

By registering in “Material Bidders”, both buyers and suppliers of construction materials will reach each
other more efficiently and will have the opportunity to make the transactions more professionally.

All Users' Benefits While Using The Site

Security in Logging in

Material bidders tries hard to secure its website through multiple levels of security. Your account shall be secured according to the terms of use of the website.

Expand the business network

A range of services designed to provide timely preparation of company accounts, whether it be at the financial year end or on a monthly basis.


All users get notification of new projects/ materials/ systems in the market

Procurement process tracking by "Material Bidders"

Tracking feature helps both buyers and suppliers staying aware of deadlines according to the time schedule determined by both until transaction is completed

Faster and more efficient communication

Material bidders allow its users to communicate faster and more efficiently through a number of features like chat windows that facilitates discussion and request for information between buyers and suppliers

Evaluate Performance

Both buyer and supplier get the chance to evaluate each other's performance through the procurement process.

Buyers' Features While Using The Site

Confidence in Suppliers

Full data of supplier's company should be available so that its identity can be verified by buyers before transaction is accomplished


Users can create unlimited number of packages for tendering or requesting information on materials during the project preparation phase at minimal effort


Possibility of creating projects at all scales and entering all projects information (drawings, BOQs, specs, etc.) as references for suppliers

Expression of Interest

Buyers can request "Expression of Interest" from suppliers in order to know early enough if there are enough suppliers interested in tendering for a specific package

Final and Best price with full transparency

Buyers can choose one supplier to proceed with in purchases or select a short list of suppliers to ask them to submit their best and final offer. That will help buyers reach a price close to their estimates

Alternative Materials

Buyers can ask for alternative materials while creating a package, this opens up the opportunities for a larger array of materials to be presented to them which might be even more efficient and at a lower price than those they are originally requesting

Levels of authority

Companies can register more than one employee as users with different levels of authority. They can all work together on large scale projects

Suppliers' Features While Using The Site

Trust in Buyers

Full buyers company information shall be provided which gives confidence to the supplier prior to signing any contracts

Material Specialization

Suppliers can register in different materials if they are specialized in more than one. That takes place through selecting the corresponding CSI code to the material they are specialized in, or select from an array of material descriptions

Larger Reach to Buyers

Suppliers can reach buyers in all geographic regions that they define as areas of their operation while registering in "Material Bidders"


Getting Notifications of new tenders or other important dates

Response to Tenders

Suppliers can select the tenders received they want to ignore, or express interest in and later on respond to these tenders

Full Technical and financial proposals

Suppliers have the capability to provide technical and financial proposals for the tenders they receive and that they are interested in. Product data sheets, drawings, specifications, and other data can be uploaded in addition to a stamped and signed BOQ from their side